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It’s the hottest new trend in hot yoga. The class uses infrared technology to warm the room. Instructor Alyssa Mann says it’s better for  the body than conventional heat. Yoga instructor Alyssa Mann says research suggests infrared heating may boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and help lower blood pressure.

Most traditional hot yoga classes use blower systems to force hot air into the room, which can spread dust and allergens and make the air dense.
Infrared heat is generated from ceiling panels, providing a sun-like warmth to the body  – rather than the air around it – and can gradually raise a room’s temperature to more than 100 degrees.

At Sync Cycle and Yoga,  the infrared class has become one of the most popular.

Infrared technology has been used  by hospitals and medical treatment centers for years, to warm premature babies and help care for wounds and injuries

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