Importance of getting a wash underneath your car

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Now that the snow is off the roads car mechanics say it’s a good time to get a car wash underneath your vehicle.

“I drive Uber, so I’m out there all the time,” Larry Nelson in State College said.

“I just got a request.”

Larry Nelson in State College drives constantly, even when it snows.  He relies on his car, so he gets it washed at least once a week.

“We finally have a break in the weather, so I want to get the car clean, I want to clean the undercarriage especially, because of all the salt and grime that’s been accumulating,” Nelson said.

Jon Harpster, with Aamco Transmissions and Total Car Care says to prevent long term damage you should also get a wash once a week throughout the year.

“It not only helps in the Winter to get that brine and salt off the vehicle, but it also helps to work it out of any places that you didn’t get,” Harpster said.

It only takes a couple of months until salt and brine damage like this causes your parts to fail.

Break pads, cables, wires, pipes and and the transmission get eaten up by the brine.
Harpster says a brake pad job could cost three hundred dollars and for transmission work as much as five thousand dollars.
On Pennsylvania roads, there’s just no to way to keep the brine from getting in your car.
Nelson says he’ll pay for car washes now in order to avoid bigger bills down the road.
“I pull in as slow as I can so the undercarriage has a chance to work out all the grime and salt underneath the car.”

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