Huntingdon-School Board Discusses Elementary School Closure

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Parents in Huntingdon County are concerned about a plan that could close their kids’ elementary school.

It’s been over a year since the Huntingdon Area School Board has looked into closing Southside Elementary school and Monday night they say they’re still willing to consider other options.

According to Fred Foster, Superintendent for the Huntingdon Area School District, their high school and middle school are at about 60 percent capacity.

“We recognize that we could fit all people in three buildings, as far as number of learners, and space,” Superintendent Foster said.
Too little students and a tight budget is what Foster said made the school district think about consolidating Southside Elementary with Standing Stone Elementary to form a school of Kindergarten through third graders.
That would cause grades four through seven would meet at the middle school  — and grades eight through Twelve at the high school building.
Parents and grandparents like Rettie Isett say those changes would make classes too large, bus rides too long, and end up costing the district more money.
“If they close the school, financially they’re not going to be saving any money, they’re going to be creating more of a deficit,” Isett said.
“All expenses are up and all revenue is down, we are faced with what is the least-worst decision we can make,” Superintendent Foster said.

The school board and parents are meeting Tuesday night at Southside elementary school school at 6:30, to talk about alternatives to the school closing.

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