HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Huntingdon man is behind bars after being accused of sexually assaulting a friend’s girlfriend after reluctantly allowing him to stay at their house.

According to the complaint, 38-year-old Craig Shirley needed a place to stay and was told by his friend he could stay at their home in Petersburg Boro on July 10 but couldn’t stay the night, or have/use drugs or alcohol.

The girlfriend told police she was taking a nap in bed in the early afternoon and her boyfriend was at his mother’s house. She woke up to Shirley laying in her bed, touching her butt.

After kicking him away she got up and was followed around the house by Shirley. Shirley kept telling her how he can pleasure her, she told police. At one point, she left the house and Shirley followed. She was able to lock him out but he soon broke into the house, damaging a door in the process.

The woman said at one point she tried to get away from him and as she tried not to fall, he put his hand down her pants.

The woman and a child were able to lock themselves in the bathroom, texting for the boyfriend to come home.

The boyfriend told police he arrived back home not long after and told Shirley it was time to go. He drove Shirley to a local gas station and left him there. He told police that Shirley thought he wanted him to pleasure the woman after he heard them arguing.

Another witness police spoke with said that Shirley seemed “cracked out” and would ramble on about nonsense. The boyfriend confirmed that Shirley may have been on something. He claimed he took Shirley into the basement to get him away from the girlfriend and he turned around at one point to find Shirley pacing around the furnace with his pants around his ankles.

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Shirley is now facing aggravated indecent assault and burglary charges. He was placed in Huntingdon County Prison on 10% of $250,000 bail.

He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 27.