Huntingdon County town pool in jeopardy of opening this Summer

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A pool that’s been a staple in a Huntingdon County community for decades is in trouble.

Swimming at the community pool.

It’s how most of us grew up spending our Summers.  Turning future classmates into lifelong friends
Mapleton parent Kristi Keel says that’s exactly what her daughter did.
“Kadence, before she went to kindergarten she actually met classmates here that Summer before, so it boosted her confidence too and she was more relaxed when it was time to go to school,” Keel said.
Kristi and Kadence were both disappointed when they found out their local pool might not open this summer.

The pool needs volunteers and doesn’t have the ten grand needed for a new filter tank or to fix a leak.
So now they are asking you for help.
“If anybody out there knows where there’s assets that could help with the pool we’d be appreciative if they steer them in our direction,” Michael Corbin, Mayor for Mapleton Borough, said.
Keel says she hopes local businesses and community members will come together to bring the funding and equipment the pool needs.

“It’s sad, with a little community like this, you would hope that people would pull together to help the pool so the kids do have some place to go this Summer.”
The Mapleton Borough pool committee hopes to raise funds for their needs or have parts and work donated as soon as possible.  They want to open the pool before the end of the Summer so their kids can enjoy the water before returning to school.

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