Huntingdon Borough getting more complaints this year on uncleared sidewalks

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Huntingdon Borough says they’re getting more complaints than usual this year about sidewalks not being cleared of snow.

Keith Wilson’s wife has a daycare in huntingdon.  They say when people don’t shovel their walks, they’re worried one of the kids she watches could slip and get hurt.

“My wife, she baby-sits up the street here, and we have children that we’re having to let cross,”Wilson, said.  “We would like to let them cross in front of our house to come down the street to avoid this corner down here, it’s a very busy intersection.”

It’s a danger his daughter Brionna has experienced on her way to the bus stop.

“I fell multiple times,” she said.

If sidewalks in Huntingdon Borough like this aren’t cleared within twenty four hours after it stops snowing, homeowners will get doorknocking slips like this on their front door.”

“The numbers that we have for January on the property owners that did not remove the snow and ice from their sidewalks within the established time frame was 151, in the month of February that was 149,” Jim Morris, Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer for Huntingdon Borough said.

He says if he can’t get ahold of a resident who hasn’t removed snow or ice after forty eight hours he issues them a fine..
It’s 50 dollars after two days, 75 dollars after three days and 100 dollars after four days.
On day five if it’s still not cleaned up the borough will remove it, but only after fining you as much as 200 dollars.
Neighbors like Wilson say they think that’s fair.
“I’m glad to see that they’ve been out and giving people warnings, the borough has been, I’ve seen them out quite a bit, “Wilson said.
Officials with the borough say they understand that it’s difficult for some residents to remove snow on their own.
If you need help you can call the borough at (814)643-3966, and they’ll send someone over to take care of it.


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