Game Commission reminds people how to stay safe while hunting

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Dave Watson from Bellefonte hunts as often as he can, and for whatever is in season.

“Archery, deer, small game, turkey,” Watson, said.

He says he follows what he learned in the hunter education course.

“They go over all the safety rules, how to go in and underneath the fences, how to cross the roads and wear your orange,” Watson, said.

He says you also learn to stay away from houses, roads and cars when you’re hunting.

Roy Schaeffer, Deputy Warden for the Game Commission says the most important rule is where you point your loaded gun.

“Keeping the muzzle in a safe direction is first and foremost, making sure they know exactly what it is that they’re about to take a shot at,” Schaeffer, said. “Always looking beyond and in between themselves and their target.”

Schaeffer says never put your finger inside the trigger guard, unless you’re ready to take a shot.

He says hunting-related shootings are usually caused one of two ways.

“Either somebody in the line of fire, or someone mistaken for game,” Schaeffer, said.

He says if your’e a new hunter, it’s always a good to go with someone who has experience.

During big and small game season, anyone on game lands, whether hunting or walking their dog is required to wear fluorescent orange on their back, head and chest that goes 360 degrees around them.

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