BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — With deer hunting season underway, hunters got the opportunity to make their way out in the woods this Sunday.

Camp Law and Disorder have mixed feelings about Sunday hunting.

“There’s pros and cons to that for us some of the guys enjoy it because of their work schedule that they are able to get out on a Sunday, I’m more of a traditionalist so I’m not convinced completely that its the right move for Pennsylvania,” local hunter, James Ott said.

“With the numbers of hunters declining, I think anything we can do to try and get more people involved in the sport is a good thing,” local hunter, Josh Hajnosz said.

Ott said it is possible it could affect the hunting for the season.

“I think it puts more pressure on the deer so a lot of time when there’s pressure they go in more secluded areas, makes it tougher to locate them,” Ott said.

But this group said coming out to camp means way more to them than just hunting.

“Like I said earlier about woods therapy, it really is that, you go out, you get to spend time, calm down, you want to do your prayers, want to talk to the people that you’ve lost, you can have discussions with family members that are gone,” Ott said.

Hajnosz has two daughters who hunt and he said his favorite part is spending time with them.

“A lot of times it’s not necessarily always getting a deer or seeing a deer but it’s being out there I spent almost the whole day with my daughter,” Hajnosz said.

Hajnosz already got an archery buck this year, but still looks forward to going out with his family and friends for quality time.