How you could be affected by max 737 plane groundings

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The United States is joining the growing list of countries to ground the 737 max jets produced by boeing. Those jets make up as little as 5 percent of the fleets of United, American and Southwest, but if you’re flying those airlines, you could see a cancellation. 

This is having a big impact for travelers.

According to Flight Aware about 3,000 flights were cencelled Wednesday.  It’s not just the 737 max jets that are affected, airlines are shuffling flights to solve their biggest problems.

Wednesday the U.S. joined Europe, Canada, India and China by grounding all Boeing 737 max  8 and max 9 planes.

“Any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and thereafter be grounded, until further notice,” President Trump said.
This comes after an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 max aircraft crashed sunday.
Last october a Lion Air boeing 737 max 8 crashed into the Java Sea shortly after takeoff.
Combined nearly 400 hundred people were killed.
Lindsay Smith Trvael agent and Owner for L & S Travel in Spring Mills says airlines are working with the FAA and ground traffic control to rearrange flights.

“They’re pulling these planes, out, putting them in the hangar until further investigation is done and swapping them out with different planes,” Smith said.
Your flight receipt will say the type of plane your flight is on, but Smith says airlines should contact you if your flight is canceled.
You can also check online.
“As you can see here on the app, I can see the aircraft type as the CRJ, another one of of the flights you can see going down here is where it says Boeing 757,’ Smith said.
There are only 74 boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 planes in the U.S. between Southwest, United and American airlines. But you might not know your flight has been cancelled until you get to your gate.

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