How to get home safely on New Year’s Eve

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With the poor weather and people out celebrating for New Year’s Eve, folks need to take extra precautions while driving on the roads.

Here are a few tips to help you get home safely after ringing in the new year.

First, if you decide to drink any alcohol, do not drive.

“A nine dollar cab fare versus $10,000 in legal fees for a DUI, or worse, it’s definitely worth that small investment,” Suzanne Border, General manager at yellow Cab in Altoona, said.

Second, if you are the sober driver be aware of your surroundings while driving. Some folks still decide to drive after drinking.

“As a driver, and a designated driver, you want to watch that you don’t have a pedestrian walking out in front of you or another vehicle. Maybe somebody didn’t make the good choice to have somebody drive them home and made a bad decision by getting behind the wheel, so you may want to watch and make sure to drive defensively and maybe that maybe take evasive actions if need be to avoid a collision,” Sheriff James Ott, Blair County Sheriff, said.

Finally, if you use a taxi or ride sharing app like Uber or Lyft, ask the driver who they are picking up before getting into the car. 

If you are the designated driver, do not drink anything. If you’re going out, let the bartender know you’re the sober driver, and they won’t serve you any alcohol. A lot of the time, they’ll give you free soda or water on the house.

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