How to check for fire hazards in your home as winter approaches

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Many people are out and about taking in the nice days fall offers, including Matthew Dimperio, who has been taking his two kids to the park more.

“Just enjoying the nice weather is what we look forward to each day,” Dimperio said.

While most are enjoying fall, others are preparing for a busy season.

The owner of Chimney Doctor in Bedford, Randy Sabo, said it’s important to get your chimneys checked and cleaned for more reasons than just causing a fire.

“Animals get into chimneys, they build nests, but there’s also other reasons because you got gas, whether it’s a gas furnace or an oil furnace you have fumes coming out of there and if your chimney is blocked even a little bit those could come back into the home,” Sabo said.

Sabo said you should get your chimney inspected at least once a year.

You’ll also want to check furnaces and be cautious when using space heaters. The Fire Inspector for Altoona, Adam Free, said having the proper equipment could save your life.

“You wanna make sure you have working smoke alarms in your house, you should have on every floor, outside every sleeping area, and you wanna make sure you change the battery at least twice a year and check in monthly to make sure it’s working properly,” Free said.

There are also several things you should do outside your home.
The owner of Becks Maintenance and Landscaping, Joe Beck, said maintaining your lawn now can save you money in the future.

If you maintain things properly and consistently then you don’t have to remove and replace, you just keep adding and growing,” Beck said.

Beck also explained, as well as winterizing, fertilizing, trimming, and pruning your plants, features on your house need preparation too, including cleaning your gutters and adding antifreeze to your water features.

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