How to be your pet’s hero when temps reach sub zero

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If you don’t want to be oustide in those freezing temperatures you probably don’t want your pets outside either.

There’s a law in Pennsylvania that helps protect pets in times like this.

Libre’s Law protects animals from animal cruelty and with temperatures dropping to the lowest they’ve been since the law was passed, veterinarians say it’s important to understand how to keep your pet safe.

Cody is an 11 month old Golden Retriever.  His owner Kerry Tolton says she changes up his routine when the temperature drops.
“We don’t go on as many walks when it’s really cold out with him, we just let him run around the yard for his exercise,” Kerry Tolton, dog owner from Boalsburg, said.  “We wipe his paws and his coat when he goes out in the snow and comes back in.”
In Pennsylvania it’s illegal to leave your dog outside in below freezing temperatures for longer that 30 minutes.  But long term damage could happen to a dog even sooner.

“In dogs you could get hypothermia as fast as 10 to 20 minutes,” Dr. Alan Friedlander, Associate Veterinarian, at the Animal Medical Hospital, said.
Dr. Friedlander recommends keeping your dog indoors during freezing temperatures.
But if they need to be outside make sure they’re in a clean shelter with a door flap.
Violaters of Libre’s Law could face up to 15 thousand dollars in fines and up to 7 years in prison.

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