House passes SB 382 to stop P3 bridge tolling, state leaders react

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REGIONAL (WTAJ) – Tuesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill to void plans to toll nine bridges across the commonwealth. Senate Bill 382 would require PennDOT to publicly advertise toll proposals, take public comment, and seek approval from both the governor and the legislature.

SB 382 was introduced by senator Wayne Langerholc Jr. The bill, he said, will provide a detailed analysis of any proposed P3 transportation projects prior to approval.

“The bill will clean up and provide more transparency to what they’re doing and provide a halt on this bridge tolling,” Langerholc said, also noting that it would allow legislation and the public to have a say in these matters. “All we know is that there are nine bridges. That’s it. It’s been a year. We don’t know toll structures, we don’t know the companies that might be doing this.”

Tuesdays 125-74 vote passing through the house sets SB 382 to head back to the Senate for concurrence before it lands on the governor’s desk. Where at that point, it will likely be met with a veto. Democratic Representative Frank Burns, from the 72nd district serving Cambria County, said he hopes this bipartisan vote could change that.

“Hopefully that message is sent all the way up to the governor’s office and this becomes law. Unfortunately, I believe there are indications that he is going to veto the bill,” Burns said.

President Biden’s signing of a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill also played a part in the bill’s passing. The state will receive funding for roads, bridges, and more through that. The tolls would be put in place as early as 2023 and could last for 30 years, according to PennDOT.

“We need to address how… When we were going to set up funding to take care of road and bridge repair for decades is now not available”

These tolls would be between $1-$2 likely both ways on these bridges. This could cause drivers, especially commercial ones to find alternative roadways putting pressure on other roadways not designed for it.

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