Homicide suspect has history of violent abuse against women

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CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Police out of Clearfield County have taken Anthony Boone into custody after he reportedly shot and killed a woman and took off in his Subaru.

Today, WTAJ has learned more about the criminal history of Boone from when he was living in the Lamar/Howard area of Centre County, and it’s not the first time Boone has lashed out violently towards women.


According to documents, Bone served roughly five years in jail for multiple instances of assault, all connected to women he was seeing at the time. The first instance dates back to 2007 where Boone grabbed his then-girlfriend by the neck and started shaking her, then bounced her head off of a wall. Another man who tried to help was hit with a wrench by Boone and then pulled inside and thrown against a brick wall. Boone was found guilty of reckless endangerment and multiple counts of simple assault. He was sentenced to jail time.

In 2010, we’re told that two different women in Centre County had PFA’s against Anthony Boone.

There is no word on if the victim in Clearfield County had a PFA against Boone at this time.

Again, if you see Anthony Boone, he is considered to be armed and dangerous. Do NOT attempt to apprehend or detain him and IMMEDIATELY call 911.

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