BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– A new hybrid homeschooling academy is opening for the upcoming academic year in Tyrone.

Tracy and Nate Verilla are starting Kings Academy for kids pre-K through 6th grade. This hybrid model aims to have children learn at their own pace while keeping up with social interaction. There will also be professional educators teaching within a classroom setting.

Each day, children will start with a regular subject lesson: math, language arts, science, or reading. The regular classes will then follow by a hands-on interactive lesson, as Tracy calls them, quest.

Tracy said these “quests” would teach kids lessons while doing hands-on tasks. For example, that could mean visiting a farm or a family business or building a garden.

Verilla’s background is in teaching, and she loves to find a child’s passion for learning. She started homeschooling her four children during the pandemic. She found that the lifestyle and flexibility worked for her family.

Verilla said that the drive for the school is to focus on the student and their learning abilities. She said their philosophy is Learn to Learn. Learn to Be and Learn to Do.

“Our belief is that every learner has a hero inside of them ready to be awoken, and they’re on their journey. So, we are really excited to partner with families in the local areas to interest us with your learner and ignite this passion for learning.”

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Interested families are encouraged to apply on their website, where they will also answer any outstanding questions. School is set to begin in August.