Hollidaysburg “ninja” featured in new show

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A Hollidaysburg girl is appearing on the first ever American Ninja Warrior Junior.

The show, which premieres next week, requires people to complete some challenging obstacle courses.

Addie Basenback spent time with a local ninja trainer, traveled to playgrounds and went to a parkour gym in Pittsburgh to get ready for the show.

“You have to work to the best of your ability,” she told us.

Various videos showing the 10-year-old gymnast performing different tricks landed her a spot as a contestant.

Addi was excited because she watched the adult version, American Ninja Warrior, for years and always wondered if she could give it a shot.

“Our kids have watched it pretty much their entire lives and always wanted to give it a try,” Lauren Basenback, Addi’s mom, said.

In July, Addi got to put her skills to the test.

She and her family traveled to LA for the competition.

“I’m proud of Addi because she works really hard,” Bella Basenback, Addi’s sister, explained.

Her brother, Ty, said they even helped her train for the big day.

“We did push ups and sit ups every night,” he smiled.

Addi can’t give away too many details before the episode airs, but she does give us some hints on what she had to do.

“There were six obstacles and we ran head-to-head against another ninja,” Addie said. “We used a lot of the same obstacles that are on the adult show.”

No spoiler alerts, but Addi said she’s pretty proud of her accomplishments.

After this experience, the Basenback family decided to start a ninja gym in Altoona. It’s called the Keystone Ninja Factory. It’s expected to open November 1, 2018.

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