DUNCANSVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Holland Brothers Meats have been a staple of the Blair County area since the 1960s and recently they just won three awards for having the best hot dogs, kielbasa’s, and ham in the state of Pennsylvania.

As with tradition with Holland Brothers, they once again took home multiple first place awards at the Pennsylvania Meat Processers Convention.

“It’s always nice to hear your name be the last one called when they give out awards,” said Mike Holland, owner of Holland Brothers. “Obviously it’s nice to hear your name period, but you wanna be the third name called and it’s a good feeling.”

Holland Brothers has won many national and state awards over the years and Mike Holland credits his father for setting the standard for serving the best food possible.

“Our father set out in the early 80s to actually win a state award and produce their own hot dog and that’s what they’ve done.”

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At the convention, the products were judged by their outward appearance, inward appearance, and flavor.

“When it came down to kielbasa and our hot dogs they were done 100 percent as if you were gonna buy them out of our case,” Holland said. “What we entered is what you’re eating and it speaks volumes.”

Holland credits their success to the quality of the products they use and their family recipes.

“This isn’t something we buy from a spice company. Same with our kielbasa, these are family recipes so I think that’s what really makes things special compared to store bought,” said Holland. “You’re starting with quality meats from the beginning, you’re not talking large volume of batches. We’re talking 100 to 200 pounds of meat made at a time here compared to thousands so you have a little more control over the quality.”