Hog farmers speak out over township concerns

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Aaron Warner grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Todd Township. He and his wife decided to take over part of the business, and his father was there to support him.

“Melissa and I talked about our future plans. We had dairy all of our life, and we felt that we should provide an opportunity for one of our children,” Brian Warner, Aaron’s father, said.

He and his wife expanded their farm to include more operations for their children, including Aaron’s hog farm, which will raise 14,400 pigs a year for Country View Family Farms.

“I love farming. It’s my passion, and I’m gonna do the best I can to run this as a top notch operation,” Aaron said.

While the farm has been operational since the end of 2018, the Warners went through the legal process a year and a half prior.

“We worked with all of the correct agencies and the permits and followed them step by step, and we were thankful that we were advised along the way to just stay on course and continue with Aaron’s game plan,” Brian said.

When residents from the surrounding area voiced their concerns about the farm’s addition, Aaron’s closest neighbor showed his support.

“I know him. I’ve known him since birth, and I can tell you he’s the kind of guy that follows the rules,” Ellis Griffith, Aaron’s neighbor, said.

Todd Township Supervisor Matt Barnett, who’s a farmer himself, told the Warners they had nothing to worry about.

“That was the one thing that I wanted to reemphasize, ‘Hey. You guys are doing the right things. Just keep moving forward’,” he said.

The family said they understand there will be an odor when it comes time to use manure to fertilize their fields, but that will only be a short period during their growing season in the fall and spring.

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