High temperatures in central PA could turn dangerous if you’re not careful

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ALTOONA, Pa – (WTAJ) in central PA, today can be described in essentially 2 words.

Ashley Garlock said, “Extremely hot.”

Adrienne Brumbuagh said, “It’s insane.”

And this is not only just the beginning, but it’s also not even summer yet.

Chief David Reese with the Logan Township Police Department tells WTAJ right now it’s critical to remember several things about these types of weather conditions.

Chief Reese said, “We know that just a car it’s 80° out your car will heat up to 100° in 10 minutes if it’s 90° today it’s going to be even worse.”

Chief Reese said first and foremost don’t ever under any circumstance leave your child inside of a vehicle by themselves, because not only is that illegal and dangerous… You could find yourself with a citation.
But the range in punishment can get so much worse.

Chief Reese said, “More seriously if a child is injured or in danger, it becomes a criminal charge.”

And that criminal charge could end up making you a felon.

As an experiment, we placed a temperature gauge on the dash.
Turned the car off.
And in less than 15 minutes the interior temp spiked from 80 to 130° in less than 15 minutes.

Chief Reese said, “Make sure we take care of our pets to that’s a big thing more calls come in for pets left inside of a vehicle then of course children and we are glad for that but that seems to be a reoccurring thing with the heat.”

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