ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — A reported argument over heroin use led to a high-speed chase with Altoona police that saw two innocent bystanders sent to UPMC and the driver they were chasing sent to jail.

Altoona police were called to a home on W. 14th Avenue Tuesday, July 5 at around 5:30 p.m. for a verbal domestic dispute. When they arrived, they reported that a woman and her kids were in the front yard and pointed out that Ryan Termin, 43, was driving away from the area in a green Chevy truck. Altoona police then began pursuit.

At a high rate of speed, Termin made his way into the Juniata section of Altoona traveling along various streets while blowing through stop signs. Due to the size of the roads, and vehicles parked along the roadways, police decided to end the chase., citing it was apparent that Termin had no regard for anyone’s safety.

Police continued down N. 5th Street where they found a Chevy Malibu with disabling damage. Two people in the Malibu ended up being taken to UPMC Altoona. Police report they later watched security footage from a home and saw Termin whip around a corner onto N. 5th Street at such a high speed that he entered the other lane and crashed right into the Malibu before continuing on.

After finding the Malibu, police noted they were able to continue to track down Termin with help from witnesses on the sidewalks, directing them to where Termin had turned. They were eventually signaled that Termin crossed the 8th Street Bridge where he was soon found running down Old 6th Avenue on foot.

After catching him, Termin said he ditched the truck in the woods. It was reportedly found backed into a small entrance path into the woods. When asked, police said that Termin admitted to knowing they wanted him to stop but he was scared.

According to the complaint, he was found with a white heroin baggie and the woman police first found at the home told police their argument started after she reportedly caught him smoking heroin.

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Termin is now facing various charges including fleeing and reckless endangerment as well as numerous moving violations including for the stop signs he ran during the chase.

He was placed in Blair County Prison on $30,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 13.