High School Students to Train for Hands-Only CPR

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Pennsylvania is just one of a handful of states that don’t require C-P-R training for high school graduation.  But that may soon change.

The Pennsylvania senate unanimously passed bill 5-21, requiring 30 minutes of hands-only CPR training for high school students.

Eliza Shaw is an EMT and Outreach Coordinator for Centre LifeLink EMS in State College.
CPR is second nature to her, but she says many people will avoid performing CPR because they’re uncomfortable with mouth to mouth.
Shaw says hands-only CPR is simple but training is still necessary.
 “I wanna’ do at least 100 compressions a minute or to the beat of the Bee Gees song “Staylin’ Alive”.”
Jacquelyn Martin with the State College Area School District gave this comment:
“Since emergency situations occur in public places and homes most frequently, it make sense to prepare our students on how to identify a true emergency and also how they should respond if they are faced with this situation.”
 “In a high adrenaline situation like a sudden cardiac arrest a lot of the time our ability to have clear thoughts is interrupted, so having your muscles have a memory of performing that action before…it kind of makes it almost a natural experience,” Shaw says.

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