SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– The Soup’er Bowl event returns this Saturday, and handcrafted clay bowls from a group of Somerset County women will be given out.

A group of ladies that call themselves the “Mud Ladies” handcraft bowls for the event. They have been hard at work, making 250 bowls each with its own craft design. It brings them joy, knowing how the community appreciates their work.

“And it is gratifying to see that the community is coming around to appreciating hand-crafted art, rather than, you know, box store utensils and bowls and cups,” Bridgette said.

They do have a fear though, and that is a fear of running out of bowls and soup.

“My biggest fear is that we will run out of bowls and run out of soup.”

With each bowl being handcrafted, no two are the same. One of the artists, Joy said that creativity is a cycle.

“You know a cycle of creativity that goes around and comes back again. So I am always trying different things.”

On Saturday, March 19 from noon to 2:30 p.m. at the Laurel Arts Education & Dance Center, located at 601 Gregorian Place in Somerset County, attendees can select one of the handcrafted bowls and also receive a meal consisting of soup, bread, cookies and beverages donated by local restaurants. The clay bowls are to serve as a reminder that soup feeds the body, but art feeds the soul.

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A donation of $20 is required and all tickets are sold at the door the day of the event. Cash is preferred. The money raised will benefit the Somerset County Mobile Food Bank, the Humane Society of Somerset County and the Laurel Arts Clay Studio.