Greater Johnstown School District introduces system to keep athletes safe

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JOHNSTOWN, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Greater Johnstown School District is creating a color-coded system to keep their athletes that are using facilities safe over the summer.

On June 24, a player on the school’s basketball team tested positive for COVID-19. While test results for the rest of the team and coaches came back negative, superintendent Amy Arcurio says they needed to make changes.

“Not everybody comes into the building in the managed way that we do during when school is in session.”

Their new color-coded system will be used for directing athletes in different areas.

“Just a real elementary way of green for go and red for stop seemed to meet our needs,” said Arcurio. “If you come across the weight room or the locker room, the gymnasium, the bathrooms at our stadium..that if the red signs are hanging, those areas have yet to be decontaminated and deeply cleaned and sanitized.”

“After each use in the weight room, our lifters wipe down the equipment and before and after all workouts are maintenance staff goes in and cleans the area thoroughly,” said Kerry Pfeil, athletic director for the Greater Johnstown School District.

Arcurio says this is also something that will be used for the school as a whole in the fall, and that all teachers and staff will be provided with cleaning supplies.

“They will know best who’s been in that office and what has happened in that office and how much traffic has been in and out of those spaces.”

The school is also in the midst of creating an online program for parents who don’t want their kids back in school in the fall.

She says more information will be available to parents at a special meeting on July 14.

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