Governor Wolf proposes minimum wage increase

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Governor Tom Wolf announced a new proposal to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to $12 an hour.

The proposal would take affect on July 1, 2019 with a gradual 50 cent raise per year, until it reaches $15 per hour in 2025.

The Governor says raising the rate would boost pay for an estimated 1 million workers, that could in turn work towards leaving public assistance programs and save millions of tax dollars.

“We are the wealthiest nation on the earth and no one who works hard in this country and certainly this commonwealth should have to live in poverty,” stated Wolf, and went on to say, “When 1 million Pennsylvanians finally get a wage increase as a result of this proposal, it’s going to help families and customers and all businesses because they are going to have more money to spend in the businesses that are out there.”

A portion of the savings would also be re-invested to provide at least $12 an hour for any employee providing services provided by the Department of Human Services, like childcare and home care for seniors and people with disabilities.

Governor Wolf also wants the commonwealth to transition to one fair minimum wage for all workers, even if they are tipped, such as waitreses.

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