Giant robots coming to Central PA

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Giant robots are coming to Central Pennsylvania…and it’s not what you think.

Luis Cruz, from ABC27 News in Harrisburg reported.

The next time people shop at the Giant off of Union Deposit Road in Harrisburg, they might run into a new guy named Marty.

“Marty is doing great,” said Nathan Smith, the store manager. “The customers love him here at the store.” Marty is actually a robot.

“So, I went up to him, and I said, I realized he was a robot, and I said, ‘so where is all the free shrimp and lobster at?’ He never replied,” said a customer.

Marty doesn’t speak, but he does keep the floor clear or any slipping hazards. He can also scan shelves and alert supervisors if a price tag is incorrect or if food items need to be restocked.

“The new technology that Marty brings to the store is also exciting,” said Smith. ” Not only what is he capable of doing, but how can he do it in the future?”

Marty has been roaming the aisles for the past week, and is the product of Badger Technologies. But the store managers says he isn’t here to steal anyone’s job.

“Someone is still going to have to clean the mess up, stock the shelves,” said Smith.

The store manager doesn’t know how long Marty will stay with Giant, but it’s possible the robot may move into a permanent position.

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