Genealogical society researching carved faces at Blair County Courthouse

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A rich piece of Blair County history is in a place you might not notice.

56 stone faces carved in the 1870’s are displayed at the county seat.

Elaine Conrad is digging into Blair County’s past.

“We have a mystery and it needs to be solved. He said a show of hands how many people know of the faces on the courthouse.”

She wants to find out who modeled for these carvings, dotting the Blair County Courthouse.

“Local judges, maybe a physician, who was in the news at the time and then find photos of those people and try to match them.

The faces were hand-carved into the stone blocks during the 1870’s.

Commissioner Terry Tomassetti brought the project to the Blair County Genealogical Society

“It’s amazing there’s no record. They even produced a copy of an article in a local paper and in 1934 they didn’t know who these people were.”

It’s a mystery Conrad isn’t sure will ever be solved.

“It’s become a wonderful project and I keep trying to get more people involved because it’s history in our own back yard.”

The Blair County Genealogical society is looking for some help with the project.

Anyone who want’s to help match faces can stop by their library.

Check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

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