CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Right now, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is tasked with picking up road-killed deer from township roads and private properties in Pennsylvania. But soon, that task could be handled by contractors hired by the Game Commission.

Permitted professionals hired by those wishing to address nuisance-wildlife problems might soon receive authority to pick up and dispose of road-killed deer. When a call comes in a warden is assigned to collect and dispose of the carcass. But with less than 150 officers across the state, deer that aren’t in the middle of the roadway are not always the highest priority to remove, and wardens can only collect the roadkill as their schedules permit.

“If it’s in a yard, in a backyard, our officers get the call and become and collect them,” Chris Ivicic said, a game warden, with the Pa. Game Commission, serving southern Clearfield County.

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today preliminarily approved a measure that would allow nuisance wildlife control operators, who already are regulated by the Game Commission, to offer road-killed deer pick-up from roadways and private property.

Presently, the responsibility for picking up and removing deer carcasses from roadways is split between the state Department of Transportation and the Game Commission, which sometimes hires contractors to collect and dispose of deer.

Each year, the Game Commission receives thousands of calls from the public concerning deer carcasses along roadways and on private property. The agency often will assign its wardens to collect and properly dispose of these carcasses as their schedules and work duties permit, which in some cases doesn’t meet residents’ expectations.

Nuisance wildlife control operators could provide the public with an additional resource for road-killed deer removal.

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The measure will be brought back to the July meeting for a final vote.