A one-of-a-kind walking trail is getting the needed funding to help everyone get out and enjoy nature.

The project is being completed by the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation, who is looking to get everyone one step closer to nature. That includes adults and children with a physical handicap.

“It’s like the shot in the arm you need,” said Barb Schroader, Wildlife for Everyone. “We’ve done some private fundraising and we’re well on the move with that and this just pushes us that much further.”

What’s driving the project forward is a $250,000 grant the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation received from the state, through the help of Senator Jake Corman.

“The organization did a great job of putting an application together and having a project that is very worthy of state funding,” said Corman. “When you’re trying to make things accessible for everyone. That’s something the public can invest in.”

The three main facets of Phase One of the project include a boardwalk style trail, fishing platform, and education pavilion.

Local mothers are excited, because it’s a great way to introduce their kids to the outdoors.

“There’s everything out here from frogs for your little guys and butterflies,” said local mother Ashley Diehl. “Along the walkway, there’s going to be education opportunities, signage for them to learn, so it’s really gonna take your children from small toddlers all the way up to teenagers, so it’s a great family opportunity, whatever age your family may run.”

Construction on the project is expected to begin this spring.