Mark Zmitravich knows his mail. he’s been delivering it in DuBois almost his entire life. Zmitravich says he started with the postal service decades ago. “Well I’ve been a mail carrier for about 38 plus years,” says Zmitravich.  

He says the mail system has changed over the decades. However, he says a lot of what he delivers nowadays ends up in the trash. “We do call it bulk business mail. A lot of those people get into the routine of throwing away mail without looking it,” adds Zmitravich.  

However, it’s a habit Zmitravich says could be changed,  because now a blue envelope can save you money- on dozens of different businesses It comes from a company Valpak that sends out coupon mailers. Sales Representative, Heather Rooker, says they have coupons from restaurants to realtors and everything in between. “We really try to get a little bit of everything in the envelope. things people need help saving on,” says Rooker.

However, she says, the most exciting part could be free one hundred dollars, “You can’t just throw away money like that.”

The odds of finding one of these checks in the mailbox is about one in 50 thousand. Rooker says it’s important to go look through the stack of coupons to see if you’ve won. “You have to look through to see if it’s in there. No strings. Just Cash.”

Valpak says the mailers will be sent out to about 90,000 homes between Centre, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, and Blair counties. When winners receive the check, there’s no catch. “You can cash it, you can put it in your bank account, you can put it in your savings. You don’t have to purchase anything.”

The envelopes are mailed out at the start of every month. There’s a chance to win every time Zmitravich makes a stop at a mailbox.