Free Flu Shots at Drive Through Flu Shot Clinic

80,000 Americans died from a flu outbreak in 2017. 
To keep the flu bug away from Happy Valley this year, the Penn State Health regional campus in state college is holding their first drive through flu shot clinic.

The first 1,000 people to come here to Bellefonte High School on Saturday October 13  will get a free flu shot. 

There will also be medical help for anyone who gets an allergic reaction to a shot.

Penn State Health says they wanted a way to make flu shots available for families that would not have been able to afford the shot.

“You drive up, you roll down your window, you sign a consent to have the injection and the immunization, receive the injection, several minutes later you drive up to a giveaway sight to get some identification that you received the flu shot that day and it’s apart of your record,” Dr Wayne Sebastianelli, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at the Regional Campus Penn State, said.

He said, people don’t always fear influenza like they do HIV, or Ebola, but it can be deathly and effect millions.

“It really does help not only those that are being immunized, but those that are coming in close contact with those immunized, so if you get a certain amount of people protected it will actually extend way above and beyond those that are actually immunized,” Dr. Sebastianelli said.

If you don’t get a shot at the clinic coming up, it’s recommended you get one in the next month and a half.

“It’s important to get immunized or vaccinated at least before the end of the Fall, so before December is most important and if you can get immunized late September or early October that probably gives you the best chance of having the immune boost that you need.” 

The drive through flu shots will be given here at the Bellefonte High School parking lot between 8am and noon on Saturday, October 13.

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