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CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — It’s been a tough journey for a local four-year-old, diagnosed with cancer before he was even a year old. He underwent two major surgeries, multiple rounds of chemotherapy, some of it high-dose, and then radiation therapy. Now, he has a special reason to be excited about the future, but he needs help to achieve his dream.

Carson James is an active four-year-old. Maybe he’s making up for being held back in his earlier years. An MRI at 10 months, to determine the cause of large ventricles in his brain, revealed a tumor, and doctors diagnosed him with medulloblastoma.

His mother Ashley said his cancer and the treatment for it, put him through a lot.

“With his physical abilities lacking, to begin with when treatment started he couldn’t even hold his head up so being bedridden for the whole year with treatment and everything, he suffered greatly,” she remembers.

Carson was born with a genetic mutation in a tumor suppressant gene, a condition called Gorlin Syndrome. It led to his original cancer and makes him susceptible to cancer in the future. It also affected the development of his tongue and palate, making it difficult for him to eat, and speak, and also impacted his muscle tone, but the various therapies he’s undergoing are making a difference.

“It’s a lot of work, but we want him to be the best he can be, so we’re going to push him as hard and far as we can,” Ashley said.

His mother added that Carson gets his therapies and attends school at the local intermediate unit. He’s doing well academically, he knows his letters, and now….

“He’s found his voice,” Ashley said, smiling, “and now that he’s learning to talk he finds his own interests.”

And in addition to playing with his brother, Logan, and sister, Addie, one of his big interests is camping.

As Ashley explained, “Grammy and Pappy go camping, and every time they go, we go for a day. Sometimes we stay a night and he absolutely loves it and we are always outside.”

That’s why Carson, who’s eligible for a dream, through the charity, Jamie’s Dream Team, wants to get a camper. He was also offered the choice of a trip to Disney or another location but chose a camper instead. His mother said that makes sense at this time in his life because he wouldn’t be able to ride the rides, due to his size and medical limitations, and he’d be afraid of the life-size characters.

Fundraising by Jamie’s Dream Team has been affected by the pandemic, so the James family is helping to raise money for Carson’s Dream.

You can donate to the effort on the Jamie’s Dream Team website by putting “Carson” in the comment section, to direct funds specifically to Carson’s Dream.

You can also donate through the link on Facebook on Jamie’s Dream Team or Carson’s Battle pages.

As for upcoming fundraisers, the social media accounts will be posting all, when more specific details emerge.

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