BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — Tyrone council had a unanimous vote at Monday’s meeting to approve the resignation of former police sergeant Jason Hollis.

Hollis has been on paid leave from the position for nearly a year. However, the reasoning behind his resignation is unclear at this time.

Now, the police department will begin the process of hiring a new full-time officer. Tyrone Police Chief Jessica Walk says the department is short-staffed, and they’re looking to recruit an officer quickly. Currently, the department consists of five full-time and five part-time officers.

“Right now, we’re short-staffed now because we’re my position and another position down,” Walk said. “So, that’s 80 hours a week we’re down. So, we’re having part-time people cover and overtime.”

Walk says that applications for the position will begin soon. Tyrone Mayor Bill Latchford says that interested applicants have to go through the Civil Service Commission process. The borough has used this process for multiple years. Applicants will then go through numerous tests.

“They’re going to apply to the Civil Service Commission,” Latchford said. “The Civil Service Commission is going to put together the physical, mental, and oral process for the applicants.”

From that point, candidates will be chosen based on how well they scored on their tests. Walk says then they will pick from the top three scoring candidates.

“It’s all a Civil Service,” Latchford said. “So, it’s a test, an interview process, and background information. Then we’ll pick from the top 3.”

It could take nearly six to eight months before a new officer is trained and can patrol the town on their own. Mayor Latchford says that when the officer is hired, he hopes they can embrace the community atmosphere.

“I want someone that wants to get out to the community,” Latchford said. “Let the community get to know them, let them get to know the community.”

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