Former Jefferson County Constable facing new charges, 2nd accuser comes forward

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Former Jefferson County Constable, Paul Joseph Pape is facing new charges after another accuser came forward, alleging that he could make warrants go away in exchange for sex.

According to a new criminal complaint, the new accuser said that in 2014, Pape asked her if she wanted to move in with him. Pape allegedly told her there was a warrant for her child’s father, and that she didn’t have to move in with him, but could have sex with him instead.

Police say when she refused, Pape said he would not carry out the warrant on her child’s father.

Pape originally made contact with the woman two days prior when he sent the her a message on Facebook asking if she wanted to go on a date, according to police.

The documents say they went to the Fox’s in Brockway the day after for a lunch date that lasted about an hour before they went on their separate ways.

Pape is now being charged with Official Oppression and Obstruction of the Administration of Law or Other Government Function.

Pape was charged in September 2019 for telling a woman that he would make her arrest warrant go away in exchange for sex, police say.

Police are encouraging anyone else to come forward.

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