Former Bedford DA receives sentence

Local News

Bedford DA William Higgins, Jr. received his sentence on Friday, August 17 at 1:30 p.m.

Higgins will not spend any time behind bars since he pleaded guilty ot 31 charges in May.

He was accused of using his power as a District Attorney to help female drug dealers in exchange for sexual favors.

Following his hearing, he was sentenced to $9,700 in fines, eight years of probation, 1,125 hours of community service, 120 days of house arrest, and was sentenced for counseling.

“I think of the case from a lawyer’s perspective,” said Steven Passarello, Higgins’ Attorney. “And even though Mr. Higgins is a lawyer, he found himself in the role of a defendant. And to his credit he decided he did not want to put his family or the county of bedford through a media circus trial.”

Higgins was officially disbarred last month.

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