ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ)– In the wake of the Uvalde School Shooting that took the lives of 19 children and two adults, one food truck owner is spreading the message of kindness to kids.

Doug’s Dawgs gave free hot dogs to elementary school children at Wednesday’s food truck event at the Holy Trinity Middle School campus. The owner of Doug’s Dawgs, Doug Rhodes, wants to let children know that not all adults are evil.

“I want to show the kids that adults aren’t like that. That’s not what we do,” Rhodes said. “We’re kind, compassionate, caring, and this is what I can do 1600 miles away from Texas.”

The Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School principals describe the day as being emotional and challenging for those in the school system. Principal Elaine Spencer said that some teachers in the school did have the difficult conversation that many other schools had.

“It was a hard day to be an administrator, to be a teacher,” Spencer said. “I’m sure it’s incredibly hard for parents to drop their kids off at school. We just want to do what’s best for our kids and families and keep them safe and healthy. It was a hard day from beginning to end.”

Rhodes posted this message to his Facebook page, and it has over 300 shares in the Central PA community. He knows that this subject happens more often than not and hopes that his actions can spark similar efforts by others.

“I hope they get a positive message out of it and if it spurs them and their business or the interaction with the community to do something other than thoughts or prayers,” Rhodes said. “Thoughts and prayers are obviously important, but I hope it catapults them to do something kind for the kids.”

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“I thought it was a beautiful message to send out to our local family and community that we love our kids and that we’re here to support them,” Spencer said.