BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)- Folks gathered Friday afternoon in front of the Blair County Courthouse to rally for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Ryan Hollingsworth has been advocating for the cause for multiple years, but it wasn’t until recently that he was given the go to begin his rally.

His leading cause for the rally is to legalize recreational marijuana and grow it at home. Currently, it is illegal for recreational use and to grow at home, even if there were no intentions of selling it.

He also had the cause of removing the plaque of Harry Anslinger, who is the former chief of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. The plaque is located inside the courthouse.

Hollingsworth took it to himself to form a petition to remove the plaque, which has over 300 signatures so far. Hollingsworth believes that what Anslinger said about marijuana back then is what’s causing the law not to be changed.

“We’re looking to educate people to get people talking to a representative so we can help change law for home grow and grow our own,” Hollingsworth said. “Representatives aren’t for recreational here locally, and we need to change that.”

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Hollingsworth said he plans to hold another rally sometime soon.