Folks look for warmth in area-wide power outage

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Almost 2,000 residents in Bedford County were without power on Monday. Power crews worked to replace the damaged power lines and utility poles, while locals were left in the dark.

The Hyndman Rescue Squad opened their warming center early Monday morning. It quickly became an overnight shelter for folks without power or heat.

“Some come and go, but we’re gonna be here as long as we need,” Bob Walls, Hyndman Borough’s Emergency Management Coordinator, said.

He added that many homes in the area have electric heat, including his own.

“Actually I brought my family along, and my wife is using our building to actually do her job today, so that way people are being taken care of,” he said.

Hyndman residents Steve and Gayle Atlas came to the shelter after lunchtime on Monday for a hot meal and internet access. They said you don’t realize how much you rely on electricity until you don’t have it anymore.

“We don’t live in a non-electric world, no matter what you say. It does get cold, but cold is not critical. You can always crawl under a blanket, but it’s nice for people whose heat doesn’t work and who get tired of eating cold sandwiches to have a place to be,” Steve said.

Bedford County officials said the power could stay out until Tuesday.

If you or anyone you know is without power and needs a place to stay, the Hyndman Rescue Squad has beds, food, and electricity.

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