Flotation therapy business offers physical and mental stress relief

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In need of relaxation, Ben Schneider decided to give flotation therapy a try for the first time Thursday at Dream Float in St. Marys.

“I’m assuming it’s going to be relaxing, that’s what I’m hoping for,” Schneider said. “Right now I’m a little busy doing some physical work, so hopefully it helps with soreness and tension.”

Dream Float is a flotation therapy business. Zak Breniman got the idea to start the business with Janice Dellaquila after experiencing float therapy in California.

“I told the owner in California when she was telling me stuff, ‘If I like this, I really want to start a float spa in Pennsylvania,'” Breniman said.

“I got the call from California and he said we’re doing this,” Dellaquila said. “I thought what is it? I mean we didn’t really know much about it.”

It was that day in August 2017 that led to dream float opening in St. Marys about a year later.

How it works is customers spend an hour in a dream pod, suspended in a salt water solution.

Using the benefits of Epsom salt, sensory deprivation and weightlessness, the owners say they’ve already seen their customers benefit.

“Our biggest success is sitting here and seeing how amazing it is for people and how it changes people’s lives,” Dellaquila said.

They said not only does floating alleviate physical stress, it gives a mental recharge, helping people with things like anxiety and PTSD.

For Schneider, he said even after just one float, he already felt the difference.

“It felt great,” he said. “Then, getting out, I kind of felt like Bambi. But then afterwards, like right now, I feel like a buzz or a kinda a warm glow.”

For more information on Dream Float in St. Marys, you can visit their Facebook page or call (814) 834-3974.

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