Flooding Recovery Efforts in Chester Hill

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Chester Hill, Pa- On Monday, many in mobile homes, which number about 20, such as those on Florence Street in Chester Hill are being told to leave their homes, after this entire area was flooded with ankle to knee deep water…. which has since receded but left behind some problems.

The major concern beyond rapid mold growth? Sewage and gas contamination, locals commented on how they could smell both the gas and sewage.

WTAJ caught up with local emergency management officials out assessing the damage to learn more about recovery efforts.

“It really caused a lot of problems… A lot of damage, it’s been a long time since it’s flooded like this”, said Billy Carpenter, the Mayor of Chester Hill Borough.

Water in Chester Hill Borough, simply had nowhere to go.

“We’re at the lower part of the borough where you’ve got the swamp on one side and the Moshannon Valley Creek on the other and it all came in,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter and Deputy Director of Clearfield Emergency Magement Scott Mignot are looking into more to help report to PEMA and FEMA for added assistance.

“We’re trying to get a hold on how much damage happened here, how many people are displaced, and what kind of help we need in here to get everything back to normal,” Mignot said.

And according to Mignot, that may never happen for many trailer home owners,

“Some of the trailers, the material that they’re made out of will absorb the water… It acts just like a straw and sucks all the water in. And that will eventually destroy it and it doesn’t take a long time,” Mignot said.

Which means they will need a new place to live.

Carpenter added: “I’ve been calling non-stop… Veterans affairs, there are some veterans in here… Different shelter places… To try and relocate people… It’s heart wrenching.”

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