HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)- Residents were treated to an unexpected encounter Friday afternoon. A five-foot iguana was found sitting on West Garber Street in Mount Union around 2 PM.

Residents began the rescue by surrounding the iguana in a metal fence shortly after the iguana scrambled from the fence to climb up a nearby tree.

Residents described the iguana as having a calm demeanor. Mount Union resident Cheryl Mohnie Marino recalls that even though the iguana was calm, many people kept their distance to frighten the creature.

“He was very calm, and I think he was a bit not quite sure what to do,” Marino said. “They weren’t too close around. They were sort of keeping their distance. But I think he was a bit surprised and not sure what move to make.”

The Mount Union Fire Company, D. Martin “Marty the Reptile Man” Bowen, and Mount Union Mayor Tim Allison teamed up to rescue the iguana from the tree around 5 PM. The iguana came out to be a near 30 pounds. Marino says that this encounter was an exciting moment for the town to witness.

The iguana is being held at the Serpents and Claws Reptile Rescue in Lewiston. There has been no further information on where it came from and who the owner is. The community has nicknamed the beast “Godzilla.”