Fishermen save memory-filled cell phone

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Luc Lemoine and Jason Matity were out fishing when Lemoine dropped his phone into the frozen lake. 

Sitting nine meters deep in a murky and frozen lake, the cell phone contained the final pictures Lemoine had taken with his father who passed away from cancer in June. The sparked the mission to get the phone back so that those memories weren’t lost. 

Lemoine explained,  “I last saw my dad last May, and then he died a month later, so we had a good visit. And I knew the pictures were on there, and I hadn’t backed them up.”

The two fashioned 25 meters of plumbing pipe and two ladles together in an effort to retrieve the phone. Lemoine said, “We were definitely one part MacGyver, one part Red Green because we had a lot of duct tape involved as well. We were fishing for a phone. And any kind of fishing is fun. A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.”

It took six hours and several failed attempts, but they were able to bring the phone to the surface. Lemoine placed the phone’s SD card in rice and a week later, was able to get the photos of his dad back. 

He said, “It was pretty awesome. First thing I did is I backed it up. Always back your stuff up.”

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