Coalport Borough recently switched to one year president term limits, and when it came time to appoint a new president for 2019, council chose Barby Trent for the job.

In Coalport’s 136 year history, 51-year-old Barby Trent is the first woman to serve as president of borough council.

“To have that honor, there had to be the people who I sit with and serve with have enough confidence in me that I can do the job,” Trent said.

She got her start as an appointee to a vacant council seat in 2016 and then elected to a four-year term in 2017.

Trent has lived in Coalport her entire life.

She’s a volunteer firefighter for Reed Township, plays organ at church and a mother of six.

Although she grew up in Coalport, she never thought she’d take on a leadership role in the community.

“I am so glad that I did because when I sat at this table, and I realized what goes on behind the scenes, it gave me a whole new insight an a whole new respect for people who have been on council and had to make those decisions,” Trent said.

Her predecessor, Paul Zupich, said he looks forward to seeing what Trent will accomplish this year.

“I’m honored that we appointed the first woman president,” Zupich said. “Barby is highly competent if you give her a little time here.”

Trent said some of her plans are to make Coalport financially stable and to bring more business into the area.