Firefighters are braving the heatwave

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WINDBER, SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Many people are able to switch their plans to stay safe in the hotter weather however, there are some who can’t.

Windber Deputy Fire Chief, Anson Bloom says even though they’re working through the weather, they do make some adjustments because of the temperatures.

“We follow an advanced work cycle where we don’t always get the choice of staying indoors, so if we have to be out in the heat, we may bring extra companies on to relieve guys earlier.”

He says if you’re going to be outside, you should also follow a work or play cycle.

“For every 15 minutes, you’re supposed to take a 30-minute break in the extreme temperatures.”

Liquids are also a big part of staying safe.

“Drinking plenty of clear fluids and staying hydrated is key. Hydration plays a big part in the health of the body.”

Despite the heats, Bloom says they are still going strong.

“Our job is our job, no matter what the weather is. It doesn’t affect what we do, it just affects how many people we need.”

There are currently no cooling shelters in Windber, but Bloom says they will open places for the public to cool down if needed.

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