Firefighter patches are being collected for boy who lost his dad

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Two weeks ago we met 10-year-old Evan Potter inside his Bridesburg home.

“It’s been weird and hard not having him there,” said Potter.

He lost his firefighter father, Michael Potter, suddenly in 2016. His Christmas wish this year was to start a collection of fire company patches like his dad had done.

“I’m trying to fill this all up,” said Potter.

Unknown to Evan, Philadelphia’s Engine 33 was already on the job. In fact, Fireman Charles Sgrillo was the one who called them.

“I knew this was going to happen because this is how firemen are,” said Sgrillo.

That original story first aired on November 27.

“He says he wanted a couple patches. I mean, like I said, this is one bin and there is a whole ‘nother bin there full another bin in there,” said Sgrillo.

Thousands of patches for Evan have poured in to Engine 33  from towns and cities in every single U.S. state and from countries including Germany, Ireland, France, even Tasmania.

“He’s an honorary firefighter in Massachusetts’s now!” said Sgrillo.

Evan’s mom says he hasn’t seen the news. His friends have been directed not to say a word, and Evan has no clue about this massive response.

“Everyone as you can see just opened up their hearts and took this little guy under their wing,” said Sgrillo.

The patches and gifts will be delivered to Evan on a fire truck on Christmas Eve. Until then, a heartfelt and worldwide THANK YOU.

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