Ferguson Township to revisit COVID-19 Ordinance in June

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CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Ferguson Township is holding a public hearing on June 7 to discuss their temporary emergency COVID-19 ordinance.

“The ordinance that was last extended by the board in January of this year is still enforced,” said David Pribulka, Ferguson Township manager. “That does place requirements on masking for both vax and un that go beyond what the CDC and Department of Health’s latest guidance is.”

Currently, all persons in Ferguson Townships must wear a facial covering:

  • Inside any building open to the public, such as, but not limited to, grocery stores,
    pharmacies, business locations, home improvement stores, retail stores, service
    establishments, and medical and dental treatment facilities;
  • Inside all municipal and other governmental buildings;
  • On all transport and transit vehicles, including, but not limited to Centre Area
    Transportation Authority (CATA) buses, rideshare vehicles (such as Uber or Lyft) and
    shuttle vehicles;
  • While waiting to enter any building open to the public, any municipal and other governmental building, or waiting to board any transport or transit vehicle, unless a distance of at least six feet is maintained from any person who is not that person’s family or household member;
  • When in contact with any person who is not that person’s family or household member, whether indoors or outdoors, including, but not limited to contact during gatherings, curbside pickup, drive-thru and food truck purchases, deliveries, and service calls;
  • While working in all jobs that entail coming in contact with any member of the public, including, but not limited to, all work, involving the preparation or packaging of food and/or beverage unless separated by a physical barrier between the employee and the public; and
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that minor children wear face coverings, unless such children are exempt as set forth herein.

“Indoor residential gatherings are restricted to 25 persons or fewer, and outdoor gatherings are restricted to 50 persons or fewer,” said Pribulka. “There remain exemptions for both the limitations of gathering sizes as well as face coverings and face masks, and then there are enforcement provisions as well.”

This ordinance expires on June 30; however, the Board of Supervisors has suggested considering modified restrictions.

“The proposed revisions modify the masking requirement to model the Department of Health guidelines,” said Pribulka.

After hearing public comment on June 7, they’ll take a vote to approve the modifications.

“If they vote to approve it it’ll be effective with the enactment of the ordinance that day,” Pribulka.

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