Ferguson Township residents can apply for stormwater fee credit, exemption

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CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — This past February, Ferguson Township supervisors approved a stormwater fee that will be charged on all properties. Some residents and landowners, however, can apply for exemption or credit before the fee hits their 2022 tax statement.

“The credits that are available help reduce your fee based on efforts that you take to reduce your impact on stormwater,” said David Modricker, public works director for Ferguson Township. “You can receive up to 40% credit on your stormwater fee.”

Examples of reducing stormwater impact include disconnecting downspouts from a pipe or paved area, and redirecting the flow into a rain barrel or grass. Or, contributing to leaf canopies by planting trees.

For a full list of credit eligibility and a credit application, click here.

There are also exemption applications available for agricultural properties, non-profits, and those facing financial hardship.

“A lot of our questions have been, ‘What is our fee’,” said Modricker. “We did take the time to put that together and there’s a table of all, you know, 6,000 or so parcels in the township and their estimated fee, and again that’s available on the website.”

Modricker says they’re developing an online version of the applications as well.

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