Ferguson Township removing campaign signs placed in wrong areas

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The primary elections are just over a week away and that means we’re seeing a lot more political signs across the area.

The leaders of one Centre County community say they’ve had to remove some of those signs to keep the roads safe.

Ferguson Township say they’ve had to remove quite a number of political campaign signs this election season.  These signs are being put in places they shouldn’t be.

There’s a problem with many political signs in Ferguson Township.
“Within the ordinance, they are restricted from being placed within township right-of-way, within an area that would contain a road, a curb,” Ray Stolinas, Director of Planning and Zoning for Ferguson Township, said.
That right-of-way area is between the sidwalk and the street, or the section between utility poles and the street.
According to Ordinance 1033 all temporory signs, except yard sale signs cannot be placed in the right-of-way.
Stolinas say they’re a good reason for this. 
“It’s safety and also it’s where we maintain our roads, and signs are in the way, and we’re trying to do work within the right-of-way, we don’t to have those signs in the way.”
Stolinas says signs in the right they can distract drivers trying to read them as they drive by.
Homeowner Gerrie McTaggert allows campaign signs in her yard and always reminds folks to keep them out of the right of way.
“I agree with it, because it’s very distracting, if you get the wind through here, those signs would be going across the road, piled up.  It could hurt the bicyclists from going, go right into their bike path,” 
McTaggert, said.
Ferguson Township Code Enforcement officers will collect signs they see in the right of way.
 They’ll notify the nearest property with a door hanger, letting the owner know they can pick the sign up at the Ferguson Township municipal building.
To learn about how to find the Ferguson Township’s sign ordinance, you can go to:

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