Family receives Christmas miracle after horrible accident

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Kyra and Mitchel Stacey were at Grandma’s house for a swim right around Labor day. Kyra started to panic after Mitchel jumped into the pool to play with their sons, Brian and Finn, and he didn’t come back up.

Mitchel continues to recover from the accident. Doctors say it’s a miracle he is alive and able to walk.

“It was totally life changing. It’s the little things in life, like walking and stuff, almost being taken away from you that make you look at life a lot different,” Mitchel said.

They thought they were not going to celebrate Christmas after Mitchel’s life threatening injuries, but local police officers stepped in to make sure they had some presents under their tree.

Mitchel said it was a relief when his wife, Kyra, got a call about the Christmas program on their wedding day.

“It was actually really nice because I’m off of work and only get some money from insurance and stuff. We knew it was gonna be hard this year, and the boys, after the accident, were feeling down. Well, this is the happiest I’ve seen them since the accident,” Mitchel said.

As for their sons, Brian and Finn, their parents said they were so excited to see Santa.

“They kept saying, ‘Do we get to see Santa? If there’s no snow, will Santa come?’ I was like ‘Well, you have to be good.’ And when they saw Santa and saw the lights, they were like, ‘Is Santa in the cop car?!” Kyra said.

Kyra said her family helped her stay strong while Mitchel was in the hospital. Whether it was babysitting or emotional support, she said they were her rock while her best friend and partner was recovering from that horrible accident.

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