Fairweather Farm Rescue opens to save, rehab and adopt out as many horses as possible

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HUNTINGDON Pa. (WTAJ) – Fairweather Farm Rescue may have just opened, but they already have their hands full.

“We’re working on a couple projects we have 2 horses that we’re going to save from Harmony PA, they’re at a auction. And then we have about 4 or 5 horses that we’re looking at down in Texas. They’re in a slaughter yard and we’re actually working with some other donors from several states to raise the bail for these horses and then we’re going to have them transported here,” said Founder Erika Slocum.

The rescue’s mission is to intercept any horses from ending up on death row, and provide them with a safe haven.

“We just want to give them a chance. There’s a lot of kill buyers that will buy the horses for slaughter for meat to send to Mexico and Canada,” said Slocum.

Treasurer Jennifer Crawford explains what happens when the animals are shipped.

“They are loaded on a double decker truck so that is horses on the bottom, horses on the top. And these horses are flight animals. So when they are all crammed on a track that full, a lot of times they will panic. And panicking they’re injuring themselves. So when they are arriving down at these slaughterhouses, they’re showing up with leg bones sticking out of their bodies. Some of them are dead in the truck before they get there,” said Crawford.

Kodi was the farms first rescue and the reason for starting it. 

“He was extremely emaciated, neglected, he had bad feet, bad teeth, if he wouldn’t have came here to us, he would’ve probably passed away within a week,” said Slocum.

Now healthy and strong, Slocum wants to help save even more lives.

“There’s horses everywhere that need our help, and I know we can’t help them all but we’re going to do all that we can,” said Slocum.

Selflessly helping, and so can you.

“We always need donations. We’re always looking for sponsors for the horses that do come here. We need actual trainers. We need volunteers to come out and work with the horses. Even if it’s just coming to visit, petting the horses. Human interaction is what they need,” said Slocum.

According to Slocum the goal is to eventually have the horses adopted out.

“But the ones that can’t, can always stay here and even if adoptions don’t work out, they can always come back,” said Slocum.

If you’d like to donate or help out at Fairweather Farm Rescue you can contact them by clicking here.

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