ST. MARYS, Pa. (WTAJ) — A St. Marys couple is in hot water after police say the man scammed people out of money in the Facebook marketplace and the woman knew all about it.

Devin Valentine, 28, and Carly Martinez, 22, are facing charges after police investigated numerous reports of them selling items on the Facebook marketplace, receiving the buyer’s money, then never sending the items.

Police say they were first contacted in Sept. 2021 by someone who claimed he sent the couple $50 for basketball cards but never got them. After that, police received more calls and reports about sending the duo money through Facebook and never getting their items.

Through the investigation, police discovered that Valentine was taking photos from sellers on eBay and photoshopping them to add papers and sticky notes with his name and the date to make it look believable. He would then post the picture and description on Facebook where he’d collect the money and put it in his Paypal. He told police he used PayPal because he didn’t want his bank account associated with this.

According to the complaint, after executing a search warrant and finding papers all over the house with the name “Devin Valentino” and various dates, police received more calls and reports about the couple.

When asked about what was going on, police noted that Martinez said she was aware of what he was doing.

Another search warrant after more people reported the scam led police to find even more papers with the name “Devin Valentino” and various dates. Valentine reportedly claimed he was doing it again because he “relapsed.”

Both currently have charges filed against them, according to online court documents. Valentine was placed in Elk County Prison on $20,000 bail.

Documents show that Martinez has not been arraigned at this time.